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Student Oboe Reed (6 Month Deal)

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This is a special student oboe reed offer. We send out two of your 6 reeds every two months so you always have a reed ready to play. This 6 month offer saves you money as you get a reduced cost of reeds and postage! read more...

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Product Description

This is a special student oboe reed offer. We send out two of your 6 reeds every two months so you always have a reed ready to play. This 6 month offer saves you money as you get a reduced cost of reeds and postage!

How this scheme works - zero stress

From the time you place your order, we will send out 2 of the 6 student oboe reeds to you every 2 months, for 6 months. The reeds will always arrive around the date that you placed your order. This leaves you stress-free in the knowledge that a new reed is on its way each month without you having to do anything!

If you order more than 6 reeds we can either send them out together or send them one at a time each month.


With this offer, you will receive free postage and reduced reed prices for reeds that really suit anybody learning the oboe. We know that learning the oboe isn't cheap but we are trying our best to bring the cost down!

About the student oboe reeds

If you are a beginner to grade 2 oboist, the Crook and Stable Student Oboe Reed is ideal for you. It has many features which allow you to progress your technique and musicality without being held back by problems that can be caused by using heavier reeds in the early stages of learning the oboe. They are also hand-made in the UK by a leading and professional oboe reed maker.

The medium-soft strength of our student oboe reed helps you to develop a free and open embouchure which later in your development will make creating a warm singing tone on the oboe much simpler. It will also allow you to play for longer sessions, as it does not wear out your embouchure as quickly.

Beginners often don't realize how fragile oboe reeds are and break them frequently but our good value student oboe reed has been designed with a thicker tip in order help prevent accidental damage! Our student oboe reed also features a wired (has a wire attached part way down the reed) which makes it easy for your or your teacher to adjust the reed, for example, to open up the tip of the reed more, etc.

What happens if I need an extra reed?

Occasionally you may need an extra reed due to it being accidentally broken or just so that you know you have more than one reed in your reed case. If you need any extra reeds we will still supply them to you at a reduced price! You won't be able to order these extras at these great prices online so just send us an email to and we will sort everything out for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Mark B.
Novice player uses new student reed

I appear to be getting somewhere with my instrument, I am enjoying the sound, so at the moment I am very happy and hope in time to come back for more reeds. Thank you!

Daniel M.

Student Oboe Reed by Crook & Staple (Medium Soft)

Sally T.
Beautiful Reed

Thank you very much for this lovely reed which has arrived in nice time...
I'm hoping it will give me a start back into playing after a couple of decades!
Much appreciated.

Sandra L.
Mrs S. L.

Super . My daughter is enjoying to play with

L A.
Oboe reed

Great customer service good quality product .
Always buy from here .

Carolyn K.
First try of new student oboe reed

Well I thought I would try this out as I took up the oboe just eight months ago, and I’m looking around to find what reeds suit me best. Still got to break this one in, sounds a bit harsh at first, but hopefully it will improve as I spend more time with it. It is very responsive though. Not crowing a C yet, but will try again tomorrow. Of course I’m very careful to soak my reeds before playing, you absolutely have to do that!! What doesn’t help is that our dining room where I practice is very cold at the moment, so that doesn’t help the sound!! Anyway I will persevere, and I will come back here to share how everything goes. I love playing my oboe, and although I have loads still to learn, I’m so very glad that I took the plunge at the ripe old age of 58!!!!

Susan L.
Reeds were poor quality and I sent a message explaining that and never heard back.

In the past the reeds I got were good. The last most recent purchase of three reeds all resulted in poor quality reeds. Very disappointed. I sent an email to explain I was unhappy and never got a response so am surprised to receive a feedback email!
Susan Lines

Ruth O.
Oboe Reeds

The reeds came on time and were packaged appropriately. They sound out well and I shall use this company again.

Joan R.
Changing reeds.....

Made very well...its just finding the right one for me. I have played for years. But my reed maker has retired.

Peter M.
Oboe Reeds

Nicely made reeds but needed scraping before being playable.
I ordered medium soft which I expected just needed blowing in.