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What Type of Reed Does a Bassoon Use?

The bassoon uses a 'double reed'. A double reed has two pieces of cane (Arundo Donax) that are attached to each other and vibrate against each other, when blown, to create a sound. You then put this reed on the bassoon to play music!

The best bassoon reeds are handmade by specialist bassoon reed makers as bassoon reed making is a fine art!

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Bassoon Reed

The Bassoon Family and Double Reeds

The bassoon is one of the lowest instruments in the double reed family. Its big brother is the Contrabassoon which has larger reeds and can play an octave lower than the bassoon. The double reed family also includes the Oboe & Cor Anglais which are higher pitched than the bassoon.

The Contrabassoon is commonly played by bassoonists as well but it uses a different type of double reed from the oboe. You can find Contrabassoon reeds here.

You can find out more about the bassoon, how to start it & what it sounds like HERE.

Matthew Petrie


Bassoonist at Crook and Staple