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Teacher Referral Scheme

Are you an Oboe / Bassoon Teacher?

We have a new scheme where you can earn money and your pupils can save money - a win, win scenario for everybody!

How does the scheme work?

All you have to do is tell your pupils our website address / name and give them your unique coupon code that you'll receive once you register with us. Once they place an order using the coupon code you'll start earning money!

How much commision will I earn?

We have a commision scale which can be seen below (note that the order could be for £700 and as long as each individual product is below £200 you'll still receive 5% commision on the whole £700 order!). Due to the more expensive items costing a considerable amount more to ship and having a greatly reduced margin, we they have a smaller percentage of commission.

  • 5% commision on products under £200.00
  • 1% commision on products over £200.01

How much will my pupils save?

5% Of all products under £150 excluding subscription order products. Just ask them to enter your coupon code on the first page of the checkout (the page after the basket page).

How & when do I get paid?

We can either pay you via Paypal (you can create a free account) or we can give you a gift card coupon code for the value of your earnings which you can spend at our store.

We can payout your earnings once you have at least £15 in your account balance. Just log into your account and request a payout! 


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