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Légère Synthetic Bassoon Reed Review



  • no need to moisten them
  • warm up in under 30 seconds
  • easy to play
  • very smooth; lips can last a little longer
  • last for about 3 months
  • great for pieces requiring extended techniques; multiphonics are easy
  • fantastic for doubling musicians; easily swap between instruments
  • you can sterilise the reed
  • humidity & weather conditions don't change how the reed performs 
  • easy to play in all registers, especially at the top of the bassoon
  • easy to double tongue


  • expensive
  • thinner & more restricted tone
  • easy to break
  • hard to adjust
  • harder to play quieter
  • not so suitable for playing very refined music such as Mozart
  • adjustments made to the reed don't last long
  • pitch can viere to the sharp side


What are Légère's synthetic reeds made from?

The plastic used is polypropylene, which is approved for use by the FDA for use in direct food contact applications, so these reeds are completely safe to use. (They do not contain BPA!) 

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